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Smart, fast MIDI rendering engine - up to 10 times faster than the original MIDI file time; Passo 2. Browse the MIDI/KAR file that you want to convert to MP3 .midi to mp3 converter online research you could check here free midi to mp3 converter After the export is completed, you see the converted audio file, now in WAV format, on your USB drive. The next step is to remove the USB drive from your keyboard and take it to your computer where you can then copy it to your PC hard drive, or work on it in the USB drive if you prefer. Be aware, however, that each of these WAV files will be very large, 20-30 MB or larger. So be sure you have enough space on your USB drive to accommodate them. If you press the CHANGE MENU option, a second set of menu options appear. These provide the standard file operations that allow you to create folders, NAME files, CUT or DELETE files, and COPY or SAVE files.

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